Getting started with your first Campaign

A guide to show the power of Campaigns and how they work

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Campaigns in Vouch are designed to allow users to collect responses from a group of people, with each Campaign having a unique URL which can be shared with multiple people (or distributed through public means like Social Media).

If you're looking to collect content from an individual, you should read the getting started guide for Vouches.

Creating your first Campaign

To create a Campaign request, either click on the Create New (+) button in the Vouch header or navigate to the Campaigns page and select Create New.

From the modal you can choose from one of Vouch's Campaign Templates or choose to Start from Scratch. For this demo we will Start from Scratch.

Prepare and Personalise

Now that you have created a Campaign, it's time to add your questions, define any messages and further settings as needed. By default when you hit Save, you will be sent to the Settings section within the Campaign.

To add a question, simply click on either the Add a Question button or Question Card.

This will load up the Question Creator modal. Now the best way to collect great content is to ask the right questions. It is important to invest time in creating the right questions for your customers and audience.

In this example we're going to create a Campaign with three questions, we find that Campaigns with three to five questions work best. Start with something easy to help your customer ease into their response before adding the detailed questions.

Enter question one content and then Save + Add another when the question is complete.

Enter question two content and then Save + Add another when the question is complete.

Enter question three content and then Save when the question is complete.

Added questions can be moved, removed or edited at anytime.

Once your questions have been added, you can add a Cover Video or Cover Message to your request, as well Customise your Request by clicking on the options on the right.

You can also give your Campaign a name by clicking on the pen next to Untitled Campaign and fill in the prompt.

Preview and Verify

Now you have setup your first Campaign, it's time to Preview the request so you can see what it will look like for the recipient. You can access the preview by clicking on the eye icon next to Set Live.

The preview screen is a fully functional simulation of what the recipient will see, the only difference is there is no submit button, so nothing you record in the preview will be saved.

Set Live and Share

When you set a Campaign Request live, it is open to receive responses. A person taking part in the Campaign is able to enter their details and record a Vouch for you. All Vouches collected will remain private until you decide to share or embed them.

A Campaign can be shared using the link via email, either directly or through a marketing platform, or by posting into a website or social platform. The URL is the same for all responders so you can decide the best way to reach your target audience.

Vouch also offers the ability to embed Campaign Requests within your website or generate a QR code.

To access the sharing options, simply click on Set Live.

A modal will ask you to confirm whether you are happy setting your campaign live and provide a checklist of 'best practice' items.

Assuming you are happy to progress, click on Set Live again.

Once you have turned the Campaign Live, you will be redirected to the Campaign Overview page, where you can select from a sharing option.

For more details on each, click on the respective link below

Pause and Edit

You can pause the campaign at any time to stop responses. You can also edit or add questions if you want to make changes after sharing the link. To pause a Campaign simply click on the Pause button which is located where Set Live use to be.

A paused campaign can be set live again at any time. The status of the campaign is visible in the list view, you can filter on status if you have run a lot of campaigns.

Waiting and Reminding

You should not expect a reply immediately, but if you have not received a response in two to three days you can resend or re-share the Campaign link.

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