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Step-by-step guide on how to create a simple Video or Screen recording
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Vouch allows you to create video or screen recordings on the fly and then either use this content as a Cover Video, add to a Playlist or use in one of the Vouch share options.

Create a Recording

To create a Recording, simply click on the Create New (+) button in the Vouch header.

On the Create New modal, select either Record using my Camera or Recording using my Screen.

Depending on the option you pick, you will be required to either configure your Microphone and Camera or select which Screen you wish to record.

Once you are ready to record, you can select Get Started and complete your Recording.

At the completion of the Recording you will have the option to either watch it, re-record or submit. If you click Submit, your video will be processed by Vouch.

Once processed, you can choose to rename the Video (by default it will be named after the uploaded file), Trim the Video, Edit the Transcript or use it within one of Vouch's share options.

This Video will also be automatically added to your Vouch Library.

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