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Add a Recording

Step-by-step guide on how to create a simple Video or Screen recording

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Vouch allows you to create video or screen recordings on the fly and then either use this content either in your requests, to add to a playlist or share externally.

Create a Recording

To create a Recording, simply click on the recording option on the dashboard or on the create new (+) button in the Vouch header.

In either option, you will be asked to select either video recording or screen recording.

Depending on the option you pick, you will be sent to the recording screen setup.

On the recording screen, you have the option to configure your Camera and/or Microphone by clicking on the settings cog in the bottom right hand corner, write notes to help with your recording or start the recording.

Once you finish your recording, you will have the options to re-record again, save your recording, download it or delete it. You can re-record as many times as you like and then save your favourite.

Once saved, you will be presented with a list of quick actions, including copying the playlink to the recorded video, creating a GIF, download the video, view in your library or record another video.

If you wish to do things like trim the video, edit the transcript, adjust the thumbnail or use it within one of the other Vouch's share options, select view in your library.

From here you will have access to the full suite of editing and sharing options available within Vouch.

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