Vouch offers an ever increasing range of editing tools as part of the Vouch Editing Suite.

One of the tools available within the Editing Suite is the ability to trim the start and end of any collected Vouch, enabling brands to quickly and easily remove any 'umms', 'ahhs' or people looking away from the camera.

Accessing the Trimming Feature

To access the Trimming feature simply navigate to the Vouches Dashboard within your Vouch instance and select to view a Vouch from your Vouched list.

This will load the Vouch Details screen for the respective Vouch. Here you can click on the Magic Wand icon (located next to the Share URL on the right hand side of the screen) to load up Vouch Editing Suite with the Trimming tool loaded first.

Using the Trimming Tool

Trimming Vouches is a simple two step process. Firstly a user needs to select the question they wish to edit from the left hand bar. Once selected, the user simply manipulates the red start and end indicators on the progress bar to decide where they would like the video to now start or end.

Users can leverage the sound or the captions feature within the Video player to help them pick the appropriate start or end before hitting save.

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