Upload a Video

Step-by-step guide on how to upload a Video to your Vouch account.

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Vouch allows you to upload a video file from your device, which can then be used in Playlists, Cover Videos or any of the Vouch outputs. The following guide outlines how to upload a Video.

Upload a Video

To create a Recording, simply click on the upload video button on the dashboard or click on the create new (+) button in the Vouch header.

You will now be presented with the upload video model. From here you can drag a single video file to this modal, or select browse files to find a file on your device.

Once added, you will be provide a thumbnail of the video you have added. From here you can preview the video, remove it or upload it.

You can also adjust the title for the video and which contact you wish to associate the upload with.

Press upload video for the video to be uploaded. Once uploaded, you will be sent to the video details page.

From here you can choose to rename the Video (by default it will be named after the uploaded file), trim the video, edit the transcript, edit the thumbnail or use it within one of Vouch's share options.

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