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Update your Video Thumbnail
Update your Video Thumbnail

Change the Thumbnail for a Video

Updated over a week ago

Vouch offers an ever increasing range of editing tools as part of the Vouch Editing Suite.

One of the tools available within the Editing Suite is the ability to change the video thumbnail allowing you to pick the best frame from the recording to represent the clip.

Accessing the Trimming Feature

To access the Trimming feature simply navigate to the Video you wish to edit.

This will load the respective Details screen. Here you can click on the Edit button to load up Vouch Editing Suite and then click on the Thumbnail tab.

Selecting the Thumbnail

To change the thumbnail for a clip is a simple two step process. Firstly a user needs to select the question they wish to change the thumbnail on from the left hand bar. Once selected, the user simply manipulates the the progress bar left and right to find the frame they would like to use.

Once happy with it, simply hit Save Thumbnail to save the change.

The Thumbnail will then update back within Vouch (Note: It may require a refresh to see the changes). These changes will also be made to all other places the Thumbnail is used.

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