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Edit a Translation Transcript
Edit a Translation Transcript

Step by step guide how to edit a generated Translation Transcription

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For Customers on Starter, and Teams plans on Vouch, Vouch offers the ability to generate a translated transcript for any Vouch Response, Upload, Recording or Playlist Clips recorded in the non-primary language.

Similar to standard transcriptions, brands have the ability to review and edit these translations to ensure any captions generated are accurate.

Accessing the Translation Transcript Feature

To access the Translation Transcript feature simply navigate to the Vouch Response, Upload, Recording or Playlist you wish to edit.

This will load the respective Details screen. Here you can click on the Editor button to load up Vouch Editing Suite with the Trimming tool loaded first. You can simply click on the Translation button to view the Translation Transcript.

Edit the Translation Transcript

Once the Translation Transcript screen has loaded, users can start editing the generated Transcription by clicking on the line they wish to edit. For the changes to take place, simply press Save Changes in the bottom right hand corner.

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