Setup Transcript Translation

Define the default language Vouch should translate to.

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Vouch offers for all customers the ability to automatically translate any transcriptions which have been recorded in a language other than what has been specified as the Default Language on the account.

These transcriptions are able to be viewed and edited within the Vouch Admin User Interface, and can be used in various Vouch outputs, including Web Embeds, Downloads and Playlinks.

Setting up Transcript Translation

To enable the Transcript Translation service within your Vouch account, simply navigate to the Language page located under Customize Request & Playlists in your account settings.

From this page, scroll down to the heading Translation located towards the bottom of the page.

To enable the service, update the Enable Service toggle from Off to On, and specify the Default Language for your account.

Vouch will automatically generate a translation transcription for any Vouch Response, Recording or Upload added to the Platform which is identified as being in a language other than what has been specified as the Default Language.

Vouch will only generate a Translated Transcription for any video added after the feature has been turned on.


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