Setup your Vouch App for Slack

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The Vouch App for Slack integration is designed to allow organisations to receive real time updates whenever a new Vouch response has been collected.

The following guide outlines how to connect the two platforms.

Setup Integration

To setup the Vouch App for Slack, simply navigate to the Integrations page within your Vouch account and navigate to the Slack listing.

Click on Connect with Slack to start the authentication process.

The Vouch App for Slack will ask for permissions to access your Slack account. These permissions are necessary to provide real time updates to a selected Channel. To progress, simply click on Allow.

Next step in the process is to define what Channel you want the Vouch App for Slack to post to. Currently the app will only post to one Channel on your account.

You can elect to include or exclude transcriptions with the responses.

Slack Messages

Vouch responses will come into Slack with the following structure:

  • You've just received a Vouch from {Respondent}

  • Thumbnail

  • Question #

  • Question # Transcript

An example is displayed below:

Anyone within the respective Slack channel will be able to see the post, and can click on the respective links to either view All Responses or individual Responses.

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