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Configuration options when adding a Cover Video to your Request.

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Vouch allows for users to define a Cover Video for any new Vouch Request or Campaign created within the Platform.

The Cover Video will be displayed to the Responder in the very first screen and plays an important role in both building confidence and context with them. The video can be shown in conjunction with a Cover Message, or instead of.

The Cover Video can be defined on a per Request basis, or a default Cover Message can be set under Settings > Default Settings

The following guide outlines how a Cover Video can be added to your Vouch Campaign.

Adding a Cover Video

To add a Cover Video, simply clic on the Cover video & message tab under your Campaign Settings.

From here, you now have the opportunity to pick one of the following methods to add a Cover Video:

  • Upload a Video

  • Record a Video

  • Choose from Library

Upload a Video

If you select Upload a Video, you will be given the option to select a video file from your device. You can either drag and drop the video file or select Browse Files and select from your device dialogue.

Once you have selected a file, you can elect to upload it to Vouch. Vouch will then process the video file and add it to your Vouch Request or Campaign.

Record a Video

If you select Record a Video, you will be presented with a scaled down version of the Vouch Recorder. Select and test your Camera and Microphone and then follow the prompts to record your message.

Once you have completed the flow, your video will be automatically processed and added to your Vouch Request or Campaign.

Choose from Library

If you select Choose from Library, you will be presented with the opportunity to select any individual video file on your Vouch account, including any responses, uploads and/or Recordings previously made.

Simply click on the video(s) you wish to add to your Cover Video and select Add Selection.

Edit your Cover Video

To edit a Cover Video, simply click on the Pen icon located in the middle of your Cover Video preview.

This will load up the respective deep link for your Cover Video where you can choose to perform tasks such as Trimming your Video, Edit the Transcript or Update the Video Thumbnail by clicking on the Editor button.

Remove a Cover Video

To remove a Cover Video, simply click on the Trash icon located on the right hand side of your Cover Video preview.

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