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Getting started with your first Request
Getting started with your first Request

A step by step guide on how Requests work

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Requests in Vouch are designed to allow users to collect video responses from one or more people. Requests combines the functionality that use to exist under the titles Vouch Request and Campaigns.

Creating your first Request

To create a Request, either click on the Create New (+) button in the Vouch header or click on the Requests tab and select Create New Request.

From the modal you can choose from one of Vouch's Campaign Templates, leverage AI to generate questions or choose to Start from Scratch. For this demo we will Start from Scratch.

Prepare and Personalise

Now that you have created a Request, it's time to add your questions, define any messages and further settings as needed. By default when you create your Request, you will land on the Overview tab. Click on the button Add question to get started.

Once you click on the Add questions button you will be redirected to the Questions tab.

You can click + Add question to load up the Question Creator modal. Now the best way to collect great content is to ask the right questions. It is important to invest time in creating the right questions for your customers and audience.

In this example we're going to create a Request with three questions, we find that Campaigns with three to five questions work best. Start with something easy to help your customer ease into their response before adding the detailed questions.

As you add the questions, there are a series of Question Configuration options available by clicking on the Show advanced settings button. These additional configuration options allow you to control the type of response you receive back.

For the demo, we will just use the standard options, and add the following three questions:

  • Go ahead and introduce yourself and your role

  • How has Vouch impacted your role?

  • How would you describe the benefits of Vouch to a best friend?

Once added, you will now be able to see a preview of what your recorder looks like with these questions added. Before we progress, we should hit Save changes.

Once added you can now further customise your request by adding a cover video and/or cover message, updating your brand settings, customising the recorder settings and even setting language options for your Request.

You can also give your Request a name by clicking on the pen next to Untitled request and fill in the prompt.

Share to collect responses

Once you have created your request, you can now share it with your intended respondents.

Vouch offers two ways to share a request, these are:

  • Invite specific contacts

  • Make the Request publicly accessible

Users can pick one or both options to help distribute their Request. Listed below are the steps you can take to enable both options.

Invite specific contacts

Invite specific contacts is designed for when you wish to share a request with a limited number of people and wish to track their engagement with the request.

To get started, click on the Invite Contacts button. This will load the invite individual contacts modal. Here you can add the individuals you want to take part in the request. As you type in their email addresses, you will be presented with the option to create a new contact or add an existing.

As you will not have any existing contacts, click to add new contact. This will give you a list of fields which you can populate to build the Contact's profile.

Once you have added at least one contact, you have two additional options available:

  • Send email request

  • Schedule automatic reminders

For send email request, Vouch will send a Vouch branded email to the respective contacts. For schedule automatic reminders, Vouch will send reminder emails to the respective contacts every two days until they complete the request.

To proceed, press invite contacts. You will next be asked if you are ready to set the request live. If you are, click on the set live button.

Once set live, you contacts will be emailed the request (if you have enabled this option) or you can collect their individual request links to distribute.

Make request publicly accessible

Enabling public access gives you flexibility around how you wish to distribute your Vouch request. Clicking this option creates a URL that is the same for all responders so you can decide the best way to reach your target audience.

To enable Public Access, simply toggle the on / off switch.

You will be asked if you are ready to set the request live. If you are, click on the set live button.

Once enabled, you will be presented with the link to the recorder for the request, as well as a list of sharing options.

Some of the sharing options include:

There are also options to post to social media or you can take the request URL and use through marketing platforms or websites. The following guide outlines how to use requests within email marketing platforms.

Pause and Edit

You can pause the request at any time to stop responses. You can also edit or add questions if you want to make changes after sharing the link. To pause a Request simply click on the overflow menu and click on Pause.

A paused request can be set live again at any time. Simply go to the Overview tab and press Resume.

Waiting and Reminding

You should not expect a reply immediately, but if you have not received a response in two to three days you can resend or re-share the Campaign link.

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