Setting your request live

Share your request and collect responses

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Once you have created your request, you can now share it with your intended respondents and set it live.

Vouch offers two ways to share a request, which will set it live. These are:

  • Invite specific contacts

  • Make the Request publicly accessible

Listed below are the steps you need to take to set your request live.

Getting started

To set your request live and share it with your intended respondents, navigate to the overview tab on your request.

From here you either need to:

  • Toggle public access to on

  • Invite contacts to your request

To find out how to invite a contact to a request, please read the following guide.

For either option, you will be presented with a modal asking you to confirm whether you wish for the request to be live.

If you are ready for your request to be live, simply click on the set live button.

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