Vouch provides you the ability to customise various parts of your Vouch and Campaign request, including various labels, tips and what pages are shown to the end user. These customisations can be applied on a per Request level or at an account level under Brand & Appearance.

The following guide outlines what can be customised on a per request basis.

To customise your Request, select the Customise Request option located within the Welcome Message section on your Vouch Request or Campaign Request.

Once clicked this will load the Customise Request model with the respective Configuration options.

General Settings

Under the General Settings sections, you can customise the two key labels on the Request, as well turn on or off various features within the Recorder.

The two Labels you can change are:

  • Vouch Title : This is both the title displayed on the Record Screen and the page title (which is displayed if you share the Request)

  • Thank you Message : What the end user see's once they have completed submitting their Vouch.

The features you can turn on and off are:

  • Display Question List : Allow the user to see all questions up front and select the order upon which they wish to answer them.

  • Display 'Estimated Time to Answer' : Provide an estimate to the user around how long the request will take to complete.

  • Display Cover Screen : Display an introduction screen to the Vouch request showcasing the Request Message.

  • Display Contact Form : Display a contact form after the user has submitted their Vouch request.

  • Send Response Email : Send an email to the Respondent of the Vouch Request thanking them for answering.


You can then define the Question Tips and/or Recording Tips displayed on the Public Recorder.

Note: If you leave these sections blank, the default Tips will be displayed.

Legal Settings

On each request you can ask users to accept your Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policy. Simply add the URL to the respective document and decide whether to show or hide the required checkbox.

To apply any changes you have made, simply select Save Settings for it to take effect instantly.

Once saved, you can see the respective changes in action by clicking on Preview within the Request Management Screen.

Further Information

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