A Vouch request is a one to one request for content, it's more personal than sharing a campaign link and may be used to get custom content from a high value contact.

If you're looking to collect content from a group of people, you should read the getting started guide for Campaigns.

Create a Vouch

To create a Vouch request, choose Vouches from the top level menu.

Click on Create new to create a new Vouch request, you'll need to enter the contact name and company information at the next step.

If you have already entered your customers and contact names into Vouch, they will appear in the dropdown menu. If not you can create a new contact now.

Enter the contact and customer details, then save to create an empty Vouch request. The company URL is used to automatically download the customers logo. You can choose to upload an image for the company logo if the incorrect logo is chosen, or if you have a preferred logo image.

note: If you do not know the company URL you can enter any string in this field, you will need to upload a logo image for this customer if you wish to use one.

Prepare and Personalise

Now that you have a Vouch request, it's time to make it personal. Add questions and a note to your request so your valued customer knows what you want them to do.

To get started, click on + Add a question.

The best way to collect great content is to ask the right questions. It is important to invest time in creating the right questions for your customers and audience. We have created the Vouch Question Library to help get you started.

In this example we're going to create a Vouch request with three questions, we find that Vouches with three to five questions work best. Start with something easy to help your customer ease into their response before adding the detailed questions.

Enter question one content and then Save + Add another when the question is complete.

Enter question two content and then Save + Add another when the question is complete.

Enter question three content and then Save when the question is complete.

Now you have entered the questions, so the Vouch request is starting to take shape. You can reorder the questions at any time before you send to publish the request. You can also add, edit or delete questions if you want to.

The final thing you should do before sending the request is add a note to the customer. You can say anything here, but make sure you thank them for their time.

Preview and Send

Now you have completed your first Vouch, it's time to preview the request so you can see what it will look like for the recipient.

The preview screen is a fully functional simulation of what the recipient will see, the only difference is there is no submit button, so nothing you record in the preview will be saved.

If everything looks good, you can send the request from this screen. Or you can go back to the previous screen where you can edit, send, send a test email or share the request via a link.

Send a Test Email

This is experience is similar to preview, but allows you to see what the request will look like when it lands in your customers Inbox. Choose Send a test from the Send request menu.

Enter your email address or the email address of your colleague if you'd like them to see what the request will look like before it is sent to a customer. You will receive a TEST email which includes a link to a simulation of the Vouch request.

Note: you still need to send or share the Vouch request after you have verified the Vouch looks good and is ready to share.

Publish and Share

If you'd prefer to keep communication with your customer through established channels or you are required to communicate through your own company domain, you can skip the send steps above and share the Vouch request link.

Choose Publish without sending rom the Send request menu.

Copy the request link and share the link with your customer directly. You can use your company email or any other established channel of communication you have with this customer.

Waiting and Reminding

You should not expect a reply immediately, but if you have not received a response in two to three days it's likely the recipient has forgotten about it. If you sent the request through Vouch, you can use the built in reminder feature. If you sent the request outside of Vouch you may with to follow up via email or with a quick call.

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