Setting and updating your brand can be done anytime! It's a great way to personalise your Vouch content and let your customers know who they are Vouching for. Vouch offers a range of customisation options, for both users on our Forever Free and Pro plans.

The following guide provide further details on the various Customisation options available.

Configure your Brand

To configure your Brand within Vouch, simply click on your User Account in the top right corner and select Brand & Appearance from the drop down menu.

This will load the Brand & Appearance page from here you can choose to customise the following:

  • Brand Profile

  • Customise your Brand (Pro)

  • Play Link Preferences

  • Custom Call to Action (Pro)

  • Custom URL

Details on each of the sections are available below.

Brand Profile

The Brand Profile section is where you can add or update your Company Name and Company website.

Vouch will automatically populate your logo via the magic of the internet. But if it's not quite right, just hit "Upload an image" to update or add your own

Customise your Brand

Customise your Brand is a Pro feature which allows you to change the colours and 'look and feel' of your Public Recorder.

As you configure the options, the preview on the right will update. Once you are happy with the designs, you can hit Save.

Play Link Preferences

Play Link Preferences allows users to configure where they would like Questions to be positioned on their Play Link page.

Custom Call to Action (CTA)

Custom CTA is a Pro feature which allows brands to add a custom button to their Play Link. Users can set the Link Text and the URL they wish for the button to link to.

Custom URL

Custom URL is a Pro feature which allows you to set a Custom Domain for your Vouch instance. Further information about setting up a Custom Domain is available here.

Further Information

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