Capture FAQ

Frequently asked questions about capturing content using Vouch.

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What's the difference between Vouches and Campaigns?

A Vouch is a one-to-one request for video content, whilst a Campaign is a one to many request for video content.

Can I send a Vouch Request to multiple people?

Yes, you are able to capture video from one or multiple people using our Campaigns feature. Just set up your questions/prompts and capture via: URL, QR Code or the Embedded Vouch Recorder

Am I able to include customer content usage terms and/or a privacy policy?

Yes, you can use our templates or update to your own content release forms (Terms) and Privacy Policy within your Vouch account.

Do respondents need a Vouch account to respond to my request?

No, anyone that you send a Vouch Request link to can record video answers without the need for their own Vouch account.

Can I remove the Vouch branding?

Yes, Vouch branding can be removed and fully customized to your own brand as part of our Starter and Team plans.

Who can see my campaign when I set it live?

Setting the campaign live tells Vouch you're ready to receive responses. The next step after setting the campaign live is to share it with the intended audience.

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