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Frequently asked questions about sharing Vouch Responses

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How do I share a Vouch video?

The easiest way to share a Vouch video is by using the Vouch Playlink. The following guide outlines how to get your Playlink URL.

How do I download my Vouches?

The following guide outlines how to download your Vouches.

Are Vouch Embeds mobile friendly?

Yes, all Vouch Embeds have been designed to work on both Mobile and Desktop devices.

Can I create an Embed for a single response?

Yes, you can create an Embed for a single response by defining which clip to play in the Playback settings in the Embed Editor. The following guide outlines how to select specific responses / clips.

Can I mix responses from a number of Vouches and put this into a single Embed or Download?

Yes, you can create a Playlist to create a single Embed or Download of mixed responses.

If I change the Configuration of my Embed within the Vouch Admin, do I need to update the Embed code on my website?

Yes you will need to update any Embed code that you may have added to your Website. The parameters within your Embed code are specific to the configurations you select within your Vouch Admin.

Will there be further Embed types coming out in the future?

Yes, Vouch will continue to roll out new Embed types in the near future. If you have any suggestions or requests, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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