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Use the Vouch for HubSpot App in your HubSpot CMS Hub

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The Vouch for HubSpot App allows users to easily add Vouch Responses to their HubSpot powered websites via the HubSpot CMS Hub.

The following guide outlines how to add and configure a Vouch Embed within HubSpot.


To add a Vouch Embed to your Website, open the respective page you wish to add the content and scroll to the respective area you would like to add the player.

From the left hand menu, search for the module Vouch Embed and drag to the respective area on the page you would like it to sit.

Once added you will be presented with the Vouch Embed configuration options. Here you can press Select from Vouch to select a Vouch Response from your Vouch account.

Once selected, you can then define the Embed type and styling to match your brand.

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