Setup your Vouch for Lever app.

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The Vouch for Lever app integration is designed to allow you to use the Vouch recorder as part of your recruitment workflow within Lever.

The following guide outlines how to connect the two platforms, as well how to configure sending Vouch Requests and receiving Vouch Responses.

Setup Integration

To setup the Vouch for Lever App, simply navigate to the Integrations page within your Vouch account and navigate to the Lever listing.

Select Learn More from the listing page to view the App Details page. To start the connection process select Connect to Lever.

This will send you to the authentication screen. To complete the authentication between your Vouch and Lever accounts simply click Accept.

Once completed, you will be redirected back to Vouch where you can specify:

  • Stage From : What Stage in the recruitment process should the Candidate be sent a Vouch Request Email.

  • Stage To : What Stage in the recruitment process should the Candidate be moved to once they have completed the Vouch Request.

  • Default Campaign : What Campaign Questions to send the respective Candidate once they reach the Stage From status.

Send and Receiving a Request

To instigate sending a Video Request to a Candidate, simply update the Candidate's stage to match that you set under Stage From.

This will send an Email to the Candidate inviting them to answer the questions in the default Campaign. Once the Candidate answers the request, the following changes will be made to their profile:

  • The Candidate Stage will be updated to match the Stage To value

  • The Tag Vouch Response will be added

  • A note linking to the Video Response will be added

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