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The Vouch for HubSpot app allows users to capture and review authentic customer testimonials, feedback or team updates collected via Vouch natively within their Hubspot account.

Key features of the integration include:

  • Ability to invite contacts to Vouch quickly and easily
    Send out Vouch requests to individuals or entire databases in just a few clicks.

  • Leverage response data for segmentation and automation
    Utilize transcriptions and other response data to build out smart lists and automate task creation, sequences and more.

  • Build and enrich your CRM
    Create new contacts or enrich existing with response data whenever an individual responds to a Vouch Request.

  • Add responses to your marketing channels in just a few clicks
    Drag and drop responses onto your landing pages, website pages or blog articles.

  • Easily share responses throughout your organization
    Vouch responses are automatically added to contacts and companies

The following guides outline how to connect the two Platforms, as well use it within the various Hubs within the HubSpot product.


Setup Integration

To setup the Vouch for HubSpot app, simply navigate to the Integrations page within your Vouch account and navigate to the HubSpot listing and select Learn More

This will load the Vouch for HubSpot details page. To progress, simply click Connect with Hubspot to start the connection flow.

This will send you to the authentication screen where you can first select which Hubspot account you want to connect your Vouch account with.

Simply select which Hubspot account you want Vouch to publish to and hit Choose Account.

Final step in the process will be to grant the respective permissions to Vouch in order for the Vouch for Hubspot integration to work.

Once reviewing the required scopes, simply hit Connect App to finish the setup.

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