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Use the Vouch for HubSpot App in your HubSpot Sales Hub

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The Vouch for HubSpot App allows users to capture and review authentic customer testimonials, feedback or team updates collected via Vouch natively within their Hubspot account.

The following guide outlines how the Vouch for HubSpot app can be used within the below modules within the Sales Hub.


The Vouch for HubSpot App will automatically append any collected Vouch responses to the corresponding Contact record within Hubspot.

In scenarios where the Contact does not exist, Vouch will create a new record within Hubspot using the data collected via the Vouch Recorder.

Vouch Responses are appended to the activity feed for the respective Contact, as shown below.

Each activity record will include metadata about the Vouch Response, including the Campaign the response was collected on, the Questions that were asked and a transcript of the responses.

The Vouch Response can be played natively within Hubspot.


All Vouch Response metadata, including transcriptions, campaign details and more are available to build Active and Static Lists within your HubSpot instance.

To build a list using Vouch Response data, search for the Vouch for Hubspot filter under the Integration filters header.

Once selected, you will be presented with the respective metadata fields available to filter with.

Simply select the field(s) you wish to filter with (such as search for any response where a particular word is mentioned in the transcription) and generate your respective list.


Leverage transcriptions and other response data to build out automations within Hubspot.

To build a Workflow using Vouch Response data select to create either a blank Contact based workflow or one of the Contact based templates.

Once loaded, you can select Vouch for Hubspot fields as either a trigger or an action value to build out your workflow.

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