Setup your Vouch - Highspot app.

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The Vouch - Highspot app integration is designed to allow organisations to seamlessly push video responses from Vouch directly into a designated spot within their Highspot account.

The following guide outlines how to connect the two platforms, as well how your Vouch Video responses will be added to Highspot.

Setup Integration

To setup the Vouch - Highspot App, simply navigate to the Integrations page within your Vouch account and navigate to the Highspot listing.

To connect Vouch to Highspot, you will need to provide the following credentials:


  • API Key

  • Secret

These credentials can be found within your Highspot account by navigation to Settings > User Settings > Developer.

Note: If you do not have access to the Developer page within your Highspot account, please reach out to your respective Highspot Account Manager.

As soon as the appropriate credentials have been added, you can simply click on Connect with Highspot to connect the two tools.

Once the connection has finished, you will be presented with a success message and can select which Spot you would like all future Vouch responses to be sent to.

Finding your Videos

Once your Vouch - Highspot integration has been configured, all new Vouch responses will be automatically added to your designated spot within Highspot.

Vouches are linked within Highspot by Lists, with all responses from a Vouch Request or Campaign Request included within the same Spot List.

Videos will inherit whatever permissions have been set to the spot upon which they are sent to (ie. Share Internal / External).

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