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Setup your Vouch for Support app within Zendesk

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The Vouch for Support app for Zendesk integration is designed to allow organisations to save time responding to support tickets, by leveraging the Vouch video collection features to reduce the back and forth associated with diagnosing issues.

The following guide outlines how to connect the two platforms, as well how your Vouch Video responses will be added to Zendesk.

Setup Integration

To setup the Vouch for Support app for Zendesk, simply navigate to the Integrations page within your Vouch account and navigate to the Zendesk listing.

To connect Vouch to Zendesk, you will need to provide your Zendesk subdomain (ie. your subdomain would be vouch).

Once you have added your subdomain, you can simply click on Connect with Zendesk to start the connection flow.

The next screen you will see will be Zendesk asking for permission to grant access to Vouch so it can bring Video responses into your Zendesk instance and associate them with the correct tickets.

To progress, simply click on Allow. This will finalise the integration.

Finding your Videos

Once your Vouch for Support app for Zendesk integration has been configured, all relevant Vouch responses will automatically added to your Zendesk account.

Vouch responses will come into Zendesk with the following attributes:

  • Vouch Question

  • Vouch Response Transcript

  • Link to Video Player

  • Animated GIF of the Recording

The layout will be similar to below:

The question(s) are defined in the Campaign Request that has been sent to the end user and how the questions have been configured.

In scenarios where multiple questions have been setup in the Campaign, all responses will be presented in the same ticket response in Zendesk.

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