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Group your various clips and responses together into a single playlist

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Vouch Playlists provide a simple way where you can group various Vouch Responses, Recording and Uploads together, edit and optimise and then share through outputs such as Embeds, Downloads, Playlinks or via various Social Networks.

Create your Playlist

To create a Playlist, choose Playlists from the top-level menu.

Click on Create New button to start the Playlist creation process.

From the modal you can give your Playlist a name. We recommend that you give the Playlists a name that relates to the types of clips you'll be looking to group together.

Add your Responses

Once your Playlist has been created, you can now add your Vouch Responses. To add a Response, click on the empty clip Card element.

This will load all the items from your Library. To refine the options available to select from, you can filter by the Company of the responder, the Responder and/or Campaign they responded to, or sort by the Date the Vouch was recorded.

From the list, you can select the clips you wish to add.

Once you are happy with your selections, you can select Add to Playlist to return to the Playlist deep link.

You can continue to add as many responses as you want to a single playlist, including adding the same response multiple times.

Optimise your Playlist

As you add responses to your Playlist, additional editing options will be made available within the Playlist deep link. These options are available on a response by response basis and can be accessed by hovering over the response card.

The options that are available include:

Note: Any changes to the Display Label and/or Trimming of a Response will only be applied to that specific clip in your Playlist and will not impact the original.

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