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The Vouch Play Link provides a quick and hosted way to share your collected Vouches, Recordings, Uploads and Playlists outside of the Platform.

The following guide showcases the steps involved in collecting your Vouch Playlink URL and the customisation options available.

Copy your Playlink URL

Vouch offers two ways to quickly grab your Playlink URL. For Vouch Responses and Playlists, simply navigate to the Vouches or Playlist listing pages, and hover over the Copy Icon to add it to your clipboard.

Alternatively, if you navigate to the respective object you wish to share and load the details page, there is the opportunity to Copy the URL to the Playlink located in the right hand menu.

Once copied, you can choose to share via any means, or alternatively load the Playlink in a new tab.

Customise your Playlink

Under Brands & Appearance there are a range of customisation options available which can be applied to a Playlink. These include:

  • Page Layout Preferences

  • Branding (Starter, Teams)

  • Custom Call to Action (Starter, Teams)

Page Layout Preferences

The Playlink layout preferences determines the placement of questions on the Playlink page. The options available include:

  • Display questions on the left hand side of the player

  • Display questions on the right hand side of the player

  • Display questions under the player


Customers on Starter Plan or above have the opportunity to change the default colours of both the Recorder and the Playlink. To find out more about this option, click here.

Custom Call to Action

Customers on the Starter Plan or above have the opportunity to add a custom Call to Action button on their Playlink. Customers can define the text on the button and the URL it should link to.


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