The instant way to share Videos from your Vouch account.

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The Vouch Playlink provides a quick and hosted way to share your collected Videos outside of the Platform.

The following guide showcases the steps involved in getting your Vouch Playlink URL and the customisation options available.

Finding your Playlink URL

Vouch offers a number of ways in which you can grab your Playlink URL. For Videos, simply navigate to the Video tab within your Vouch account and click on the video you wish to get the Playlink for.

Once the Video details page loads, click on the Share button above the Media Player and select Copy Playlink URL.

Alternatively, you can also get the Playlink URL from the Overview and Playlink options available from the left hand menu.

Once copied, you can choose to share via any means, or alternatively load the Playlink in a new tab.

Customise your Playlink

Vouch offers a range of ways in which you can customise the look and feel of your Playlink. These customisations can be done on a Global Level or on a per Video level.

Detailed below are the different customisation options available.

Brand settings

Under the Brand Settings you are able to customise the following parts of your Playlink:




Display your Playlink in light mode, dark mode or auto

Look & Feel

Choose the shape of buttons on the Playlink

Header Colours

Choose your header colours

Primary Button Colours

Choose your CTA button colours

Note: The Header and Primary Button colours will also be applied to your Recorder.

Playlink Settings

Under the Playlink settings, you will have the ability to customise the following parts of your Playlink.



Template to be applied to the video

Call to action

CTA text and link


Display transcriptions or not on Playlink


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