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All customers have the ability to customize the templates on their account, with the template editor offering the ability to change colours, display and orientation settings, as well as add intro and/or outro videos.

Create your Template

Navigate to the Templates section within your Vouch account and click on Create Template.

You will be presented with a modal where you can give your new template a name. Once named click on the Create template button to progress.

You will be brought into the Template builder, where you can now configure your template.

Configuration Options

Base Template

Select a system base for your template. This base defines the core visuals, as well as the available customization options.

Display Settings

Depending on the base template you choose will determine what display settings are available to configure. Generally all system templates will offer a series of options and colour configurations.

Orientation Settings

Define how you would like Vouch to format the videos. The orientation settings available are:

  • Letterbox

  • Letterbox with video

  • Crop & Centre

  • Squarebox

Intro / Outro

Add any videos from your library which you would like to use as either an intro and/or outro to all videos you apply the template to.

Using the Templates

Once you have created your template, it will become available on your Embeds, Playlinks and Download sections across the Platform.

Need something more custom?

Reach out to your account manager or Vouch support to find out getting a custom template built for your account.

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