Quickly and easily showcase your best Vouches on your website

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Vouch offers the ability to add a dynamic media player to your website or application to showcase your collected Vouch videos.

The following guide shows outlines the steps involved to generate an embed.

Creating your Embed

To create your Embed, simply navigate the respective video you wish to embed on a webpage or an app and click on it.

This will load the video details page. From here you will want to select the Embed option from the left hand menu.

Configuring your Embed


Choose the pre-defined styling you wish to apply to the video. To find out more about Templates and how to create your own, click here.

Aspect Ratio


Embed will take on the aspect ratio of the parent container. Ignores all orientation settings.


Available Orientations:

  • Portrait (9:16)

  • Landscape (16:9)

  • Square (1:1)


When disabled, the Embed will have a capped maximum size. When enabled, this will allow the embed to stretch to the full size of the parent container

Visual Settings




Play Icon

Display the large play icon on the player


Allow users to navigate between video clips


Allow for the video to be played and paused


Allow for the volume of the video to be controlled

Current Time

Show where in the video the user is currently up to


Show the total duration of the video

Playback Speed

Allow users to adjust the playback speed of the video


Allow users to turn on/off captions

Full screen

Allow users to play the video in full screen

Progress Scrubber

Allow users to see the video scrubber


Allow users to enable multi-lingual

Video Preview

Allow users to preview the video on the scrubber


For multi-video responses, choose which Question(s) will be included in your embed. For more information about questions click here.

Playback Settings




Start playing the video immediately on page load


Load the first video when the page loads

Embedding on your Website

Once you have finished configuring the Embed, the only remaining step in the process is to generate embed code so you can add it to your website.

Vouch offers two ways to embed your Vouch Embed. These are:

  • iFrame / oEmbed

  • Javascript Embed

The Javascript Embed is the recommended approach for clients as it will natively render your play on the page which you have added it. The iFrame / oEmbed is designed for implementations within other applications or on websites that do not support Javascript.

The iFrame / oEmbed link can also be used on any service which support oEmbed.

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