Vouch and oEmbed

Another way to Embed Vouch into your website or applications.

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Vouch offers a range of ways in which brands can share their collected Responses externally. Whether this is through embedding it on their website, adding it to a mobile application, or including it within an application like Canva, Confluence or Powerpoint.

One of the supported embedding methods Vouch offers is oEmbed. oEmbed is a web standard designed to allow embedding content from a website (in this case Vouch) into another page or service.

For services that support oEmbed, adding Vouch is now as simple as copying and pasting in a URL, as the below example on Canva shows:

How does oEmbed work?

oEmbed is a standard for embedding content from a third party service. For sites and services which support oEmbed, whenever a compatible Vouch URL is provided, the service will call Vouch for additional information around how it can render a native embed.

What Vouch services support oEmbed?

Not only services or Embeds within Vouch are compatible with oEmbed. Currently Vouch supports oEmbed on:

  • Playlink

  • Vouch Embeds

What Products support oEmbed?

There are thousands of Content Management Systems (CMS) and applications which support oEmbed. Some of the services include Canva, Confluence, Jira, Team Central, Qwilr and Notion.

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