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Download Individual Clips
Download Individual Clips

Download your Vouch Responses or Playlist clips.

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Vouch gives you the ability to quickly and easily download the individual clips from your Vouch Responses or Playlists so you can easily use these assets in any manner you choose.

The following guide shows outlines the steps involved to download your clips.

Download your Individual Clips

To download your Vouch Response, Recording or Playlist, simply navigate to the relevant section within Vouch and select the respective object you wish to download.

This will load the respective details page. Here you can click on the Download button (located on the right hand side menu).

The Downloads model will now load Individual Downloads by default.

Configuring your Download

Download Settings

Download Settings allows for brands to define how they wish to handle captions and watermarks within the Video file itself.

Trimmed / Original Responses

Download clips trimmed or untrimmed

Include Captions

Burn the captions into the Video

Remove Vouch Watermark (Starter)

Remove the 'Vouch' watermark

Orientation Settings

Orientation Settings allows for brands to control the output of their download. Brands can choose a preferred aspect ratio for their downloads and then define the behaviour of any clips.

Apply Cropping

Crop the video to fit a selected aspect ratio

Aspect Ratio

Available Aspect Ratios:

  • 9:16

  • 16:9

  • 4:3

  • 1:1

Video Sizing

Choose to:

  • Crop & Centre video to fit

  • Preserve aspect ratio & letterbox

Content Settings

The Content Settings configuration options allow for a brand to define what Question clips they wish to include within the download and the format of the respective caption files.

Define what Clips to include

Caption Files

Choose to download a:

  • SRT (SubRip) Captions File

  • VTT (WebVTT) Captions File

Download your Video

Once you have finished configuring your Clip settings, you can start the download process by hitting the Download button in the bottom right hand corner.

Vouch will start the process of compiling the clips and caption files which can be downloaded based upon the configuration settings selected. The length of this process will be based upon the number of clips included within the export.

An email notification will be sent once the compiled file is ready to be downloaded. You can then choose to download at anytime from the Downloads section within your Vouch account.

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