Templates Overview

An easier way to improve the quality, branding and design of your outputs with Vouch.

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Templates are an easy and powerful way to control how your video output looks with Vouch. Create presets based upon your organization’s design requirements and then reuse across all your Vouch outputs to help improve the quality, consistency and impact of all your videos.

System Templates

Vouch offers eight templates for customers to use. These are:




Contact details are shown in a floating badge


Contact details shown in a banner across the lower third


Video is shown within a frame with question and contact details


Displays contact information in lower third with gradient effect

No Template

Displays the raw video


Displays Question card before each video


Minimal user information, video displays in sequence format


50:50 split design with question displayed on the left

Create your own Templates

All customers have the ability to customize the templates on their account, with the template editor offering the ability to change colours, display and orientation settings, as well as add intro and/or outro videos.

Click here to find out how to edit your Templates.

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