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Display Vouch features on a subdomain controlled by your organisation

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Customers on the Starter Plan and above are provided the opportunity to define a Custom URL for their Vouch account. This Custom URL will replace the domain which is shown on various Vouch outputs including the Public Recorder and the Playlink.

The following guide outlines the steps required to setup a Custom URL.

Setup your Custom URL

To setup your Custom URL, navigate to the Brand and Appearance page within your Vouch account.

From the list of options, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the Custom URL section.

Note: If you are not on Starter, or Teams plan you will not be able to set a Custom URL for your account.

From the Custom URL section, add in your custom subdomain in the Subdomain field and click Save Changes.

Note: Vouch expects for a subdomain (ie. to be added as your Custom URL. Vouch does not currently support custom top level domains (ie.

Once you have done this, the page will update, providing you with the CNAME record and host which you will need to add to your domain's DNS configuration.

Depending on your Domain provider and/or DNS management provider you use, the process for configuring this will be slightly different.

The following guides below show how to add a new CNAME record on a number of major providers in this space:

Once you have added your CNAME record, you can click on Verify to verify that your Custom URL has been configured correct.

If your CNAME record has been correctly setup, a verified icon will be displayed next to your domain.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for some services to propagate any DNS changes. If your domain does not verify immediately, you can come back at anytime and hit verify again.

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