Setup your Vouch for Salesforce Integration

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The Vouch for Salesforce app allows users to capture and review authentic customer testimonials, feedback or team updates collected via Vouch natively within their Salesforce Sales Cloud account.

Key features of the integration include:

  • Ability to invite contacts to Vouch quickly and easily
    Send out Vouch requests to individuals natively within Salesforce.

  • Store all your responses within Salesforce
    See all responses, transcriptions and more all within your Salesforce account.

  • Leverage response data for segmentation and automation
    Utilize transcriptions and other response data to build out smart lists and automate task creation, sequences and more.

  • Build and enrich your CRM
    Create new contacts or enrich existing with response data whenever an individual responds to a Vouch Request.

  • Easily share responses throughout your organization
    Vouch responses are automatically added to contacts and companies

The following guides outline how to connect the two Platforms and configure Vouch within Salesforce.

Install the Package

First step in the process is to install the Vouch Package within your Salesforce instance. To do this, visit the respective page within Appexchange and click to add Vouch to your Salesforce instance.

This will load the installer screen where you can decide who within your business will have access to the Vouch for Salesforce app.

Once you have decided which users will have access, click on Install. The installation process will run, adding two new objects to your Salesforce account. These are:

  • Vouch Requests

  • Vouch Responses

Vouch Requests will store information relating to all the Campaigns created within your Vouch account. Vouch Responses will store all responses received by your Vouch account.

Vouch Responses will also be associated with the respective Contacts, Accounts and Vouch Requests were appropriate.

Once the installation has finished, you can now authenticate the two Platforms.

Authenticate with Salesforce

Authentication for the Vouch for Salesforce app takes place on the Vouch side. Navigate to the Integrations page and click on the Salesforce icon.

Here you will be asked to put the start of your Salesforce domain (for example if you Salesforce account is you only need to add company here)

Once you have added your Salesforce domain you can click Connect to Salesforce to start the authentication flow.

You will be asked as part of the process to confirm your Salesforce account and to grant permissions to Vouch to send data to your Salesforce account.

After you grant permission to Vouch, the integration will start to work.

Display Vouch in Salesforce

The Vouch for Salesforce app will add two objects to your Salesforce account, these being:

  • Vouch Requests

  • Vouch Responses

Vouch Responses have a one to many relationship with Contacts, Accounts and Vouch Requests within Salesforce, as such you may wish to add them as a Related List on this particular objects.

To do this, visit the Object Manager within Salesforce, click on the respective Object, select Page Layouts and add Related Lists. Vouch Responses will be available as one of the options.

In addition, you may wish to add quick links to the objects within your Salesforce menu. To do this click, click on the pen icon on the right hand side of the menu and select to Add Items.

Both Vouch Requests and Vouch Responses will be available as items to add to the menu.

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