The Vouch for Canva app allows users to access individual clips from their Vouch space natively within Canva and drag and drop these clips into their latest Canva project.

The following guide outlines how to connect the two platforms, as well as how to use the Vouch app within Canva.

Setup Integration

To install the Vouch for Canva app, load up a project within Canva and select the Apps option from the left hand menu. From here you can search for the app Vouch.

Upon clicking on Vouch you will be given the option to connect and Use the app.

This will load up the connection screen where you can log into your Vouch account and grant permissions to Canva to access your Vouch space.

Using the Integration

Once connected, all the clips from your Vouch space will load on the left hand side. Each clip will showcase a thumbnail, the clip title and the respective question.

Once you have found a clip you would like to add to your project, simply drag it across from the Vouch listing into your canvas the same way you would add an upload or logo.

Once added, you can then manipulate the same way you can manipulate any other video file within Canva.

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