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Integrate your Vouch space with Dropbox in a few easy steps

Updated over a week ago

The Vouch for Dropbox app allows users to automatically send their collected video and recording content straight from their Vouch space to their Dropbox account, making it easier to share with your wider team.

The following guide outlines how to connect the two platforms, as well as how to find your Vouch content within Dropbox.

Setup Integration

To setup the Vouch for Dropbox app, simply navigate to the Integrations page within your Vouch account and navigate to the Dropbox listing.

Click on the Dropbox listing and select Connect with Dropbox from the respective modal.

This will navigate you to the Dropbox login page, where you will need to confirm your account and grant permissions for Vouch to send assets to it.

Once you have completed the authentication, you will be redirected back to the Vouch Integration page, and the app will be updated with the Status Connected.

Finding your Vouch Assets

The Vouch for Dropbox App behaves similar to all other Dropbox integrations, with the respective folders and files added under the Apps directory.

When adding new assets to Dropbox, the Vouch app will categorise the content with the following structure:

App > Vouch > Campaigns > {{CampaignName}} > {{RespondentName}} > {{Question}}

Campaign Name, Respondent Name and Question will naturally update based upon who responded to what Campaign.

Within each folder, Vouch will provide the following assets:

  • MP4 file of the response

  • Animated GIF preview of the response

  • Static thumbnail / poster of the response

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