Changes to Campaigns

First of multiple changes set for Campaigns in 2023

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As you may have noticed, Campaigns within Vouch have undergone a major refresh. The refresh is one of multiple planned this year designed to make it even easier to create and track the success of your campaigns.

What has changed?

The two key change has been bringing your Responses into Campaign section within the platform and splitting each campaign into three sections, Settings, Overview and Responses.

Settings is the home for all your configurations for your Campaigns, from setting up your Questions, adding a Cover Message or Cover Video and your more advanced customisations.

Overview included both your Campaign Sharing options and Campaign Analytics.

Responses includes every response your Campaign has collected, and a full suite of editing and sharing options.

What is coming?

This change is the first of many scheduled for Campaigns across 2023, which will uplift all three parts of the new layout.

Key improvements set to come include:

  • Ability to see a Preview of your Recorder as you configure your Settings

  • Ability to email Campaign Requests to users

  • Improvements around Sharing and Editing

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