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Create a simple link for team members to sign up with

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The Team Sign Up link provides a way for organisations using Vouch to allow other users to ‘self sign up’ to their respective account.

Unlike the invite method, the Team Sign Up link does not require the Vouch administrator to generate each individual’s account and allows for users registering to also use Single Sign On (SSO) options such as Google Login.

Create Team Sign Up Link

To create your Team Sign Up link, simply navigate to the Team Members page located under your Organization settings.

On the page, click on the link button, located near the invite button, in the upper right to load the Team Sign Up link modal.

From here you can enable the Sign Up link and define which allowed and excluded domains can register from the link. You can also copy the account specific link URL to distribute how you please.

Configuration Options

Allowed Domains

The allowed domain list defines which user domains are eligible to sign up for that respective workspace. By default this will be set to the same domain entered when setting up your company in the Vouch registration process.

Domains for personal email accounts, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc cannot be added as allowed domains.

If no domains are added, then anyone will be free to register via the Team link, except those using an email address associated with personal email accounts.

Excluded Domains

the excluded domain list defines which user domains are ineligible to sign up for that respective workspace.

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