As you build out your Playlists, there maybe scenarios where the original question asked to the respondent no longer suits their response or the use-case upon which the video is being shown.

To address this, Vouch allows you to add a custom Display Label which will be shown in place of the Question via various Vouch outputs such as Embeds and Playlinks.

Select the Response

To edit the Display Label for a Response, simply load up your Playlist deep link and hover over the Response card you wish to edit.

From the presented options, select the Pencil icon to load up the editor.

Write your new Display Text

The modal that loads up will show both the Original Question that was asked to the Respondent, as well allow you to define the new Display Text

Whatever you add to the Display text section will be what is shown via the Vouch outputs, such as Embeds and Playlinks. If you remove the Display text, the original Question will be displayed again in it's place.

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