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Connect your Vouch account to more than 3,000 other apps with Zapier

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Zapier is a middleware platform that allows you to connect various apps together through a series of automated connections known as Zaps.

Through these Zaps, brands can automate day-to-day tasks or build workflows to connect apps that otherwise would not be possible without a dedicated integration existing or custom coding.

A Zap in Zapier always contains a Trigger and at least one Action. Triggers are 'pre-defined' events which kick off the integration and leads to the Action(s) being taken.

The Vouch Zapier app enables Vouch customers to integrate their Vouch entity with thousands of other best-of-breed we service. The following guide provides a high level overview of what is capable within the Platform.


The Vouch Zapier app offers two Triggers that can be used to kick off the workflow. For both triggers, Zapier will poll the Vouch entity looking for new records before kicking off the process.

The Triggers available within the Zap include:

  • Retrieve New Vouches

  • Retrieve New Campaigns

In addition to these Triggers, Vouch also offers over 20 Webhook Events which can also be used as a Trigger for Zapier.


The Vouch Zapier app offers seven Actions which can be used as part of any workflow. The Vouch actions all retrieve information from your Vouch entity, allowing

The Actions available within the Zap include:

  • Retrieve a Vouch

  • Retrieve Metrics for a Vouch

  • Retrieve all Vouches

  • Retrieve a Campaign

  • Retrieve Metrics for a Campaign

  • Retrieve all Campaigns

  • Retrieve a Campaign Response List

  • Retrieve all Accounts


Authentication for the Vouch Zapier App is done using a Vouch API Key and Vouch Integration Key. To collect these keys, simply navigate to the Integrations page within your Vouch account and navigate to the Zapier listing.

This will load the Zapier details page. To progress, simply click Connect with Zapier to generate the keys.

This will generate your API Key and Integration Key which you add to your Zapier listing.

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