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What has changed in Version 2.0 of the Vouch Embeds

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Vouch has recent relaunched its Embed offering to offer a best of breed video player which you can easily add to your website, mobile app or other digital channels.

The following guide is designed to help answer some of the questions you may have around what has changed and how to customize your Embed.

What has changed?

Some of the changes that have been made to the Embeds include:

  • Improved Responsiveness: Embeds have always been responsive, but they have been optimised to work in more implementations and to ensure that overlays, such as controls, user data, etc, better adapt to the various ways the Embeds are implemented.

  • Faster Loading: Embeds now load faster than ever before, and also have an improved loading behaviour.

  • Greater Compatibility: Embeds are optimised to work on more devices and browsers than ever before, to ensure your end users can always watch your videos.

  • Standardised Controls: Controls for the embeds now resemble what is more commonly expected on a video player, making it easier for your end users to navigate

  • New Customisation options: From being able to play in full screen, to be able to auto-play between clips, to pick the playback speed, there are now even more controls and configuration options available on Embeds.

Will my Embeds look different?

There will be small visual differences between the current embeds and the improved player. Changes include:

  • Company logo + User information is now smaller and always rendered on the top left of the player.

  • Player buttons and scrubber have been updated and are more visually similar to other video players in the market.

  • Powered by Vouch branding has been replaced with Made by Vouch.

Do I need to change anything?

No, the Vouch Embed codes remain unchanged, meaning that any implementations of the Vouch Embeds will automatically be updated without you needing to do anything.

How do I customize my Embed based upon these changes?

You have two options here, you can either generate new Embed code within the Vouch Admin User Interface or you can make changes to the Web Embed code, turning on or off any of the various features of the Embed.

To view a full list of what can be changed on Embeds, click here.

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