Add a Vouch Embed to

Add an iFrame Embed to your workspace

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Vouch Embeds provides the quickest and easiest way to showcase your best responses across your Digital Properties in just a few clicks, including adding them directly to your workspace as an Asset.

The following guide outlines the steps involved in adding a Vouch to your workspace

Adding an Embed to your workspace

To add a Vouch Embed as an asset to your workspace, simply load the your preferred Workspace, select Creative Assets and select the Creative Asset folder you wish to save the Vouch in. For this example we have picked Digital Asset Management.

From within Creative Assets folder, select New Asset and simply add the iFrame Embed URL as copied from the Vouch Admin User Interface.

Once you click Embed Link, this will render the Vouch Embed player as an asset within your workspace which can then be shared with your teams.

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