Add a Vouch Embed to Google Sites

Add an iFrame Embed to your Google Site

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Vouch Embeds provides the quickest and easiest way to showcase your best responses across your Digital Properties in just a few clicks, including adding them directly to your Google Sites setup.

The following guide outlines the steps involved in adding a Vouch to your Google Site.

Adding an Embed to your Google Site

To add a Vouch Embed to your Google Site, simply load the Google Site editor and select the page you wish to add the Embed to. From here you can select the option Embed from the Right Hand menu under the Insert tab.

The Embed option on Google Sites will provide you two options of adding the Vouch Embed. These will be:

  • By URL

  • Embed Code

If you select By URL, you simply need to add the iFrame Embed URL provided by the Vouch Admin Interface and select Whole Page to render the Embed.

Alternatively if you pick Embed Code, you will need to wrap the iFrame Embed URL with the iFrame HTML.

A example of what this looks like is below:

<iframe src="{iFrameEmbedURL}" width="300px" height="500px"></iframe>

The advantage of the Embed Code approach is brands can be more prescriptive regarding the size of the container for the Vouch Embed.

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