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Frequently asked questions about the Vouch Plans

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How many Vouches can I have?

There are currently no limits on the number of Vouches you can have on any Vouch plans.

Can I collaborate with my team?

Yes, you are able to invite and collaborate with your wider team based upon the seat limits of the plan you are subscribed to.

Can I remove the Vouch branding?

Yes, Vouch branding can be removed and fully customized to your own brand on Team plans.

What format are videos recorded in?

Vouch response files are recorded in the native format of the device they are captured on. Once submitted, videos files are processed into multiple formats optimised for playback on different devices.

When Video files are downloaded from Vouch, the zip file contains multiple files including:

  • A MP4 file per question, encoded as H.264 for video and AAC for audio.

  • A VTT or SRT file per question, used to display closed captions

What’s the highest resolution can I download my Vouches in?

Vouch offers video downloads up to 1080p HD across all plans. Whether a video will be able to be downloaded that resolution is dependent on the device the video was originally created on.

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