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Quickly and easily showcase your best Vouches on your website

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Vouch Embeds provides the quickest and easiest way to showcase your best responses across your Digital Properties in just a few clicks.

Vouch offers eight Embed types for all users, Button, Card, Dialogue, Email, GIF, Inline Player, Jumbo and Popover. Click on the respective headers below to find out more about each of the Embed types.

To find out more about each Embed type and how to Embed it, please click on the respective header below:

The Inline Embed has been designed to provide clients with a simple all-inclusive player than can easily be added to a website. Perfect to add to Case Studies and Testimonial pages.

The Popup Embed allows clients to add a floating Vouch player to the bottom corner of their website. Choose to load either minimised or expanded and whether it should be on the left or right hand side of the page.

The Jumbo Embed is designed to showcase your best Vouches in more detail, with a prominent player that clearly outlines the question and answer format of the Vouch videos.

The Dialogue Embed are designed to showcase Vouches in a landscape manner, with the respective questions for the Vouch displayed underneath.

The Button Embed allows for brands to showcase their Vouch in a modal / lightbox. The Embed provides a launch button which can be added to a brand's site, which then triggers the expanded view.

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