Vouch Embeds provides the quickest and easiest way to showcase your best responses across your Digital Properties in just a few clicks.

Vouch offers five Embed types for all users, Inline, Popover, Jumbo, Dialogue and Button. The following guide shows outlines the steps involved in creating a Popover embed type.

Creating your Embed

To create your first Embed, navigate to the Vouches Dashboard within your Vouch instance and select to view a Vouch from your Vouched list.

This will load the Vouch Details screen for the respective Vouch. Here you can click on the Share & Embed button (located next to the Share URL on the right hand side of the screen) to load up the selection modal.

From here you can select the Popover Embed type.

Configuring your Embed

Launch Mode Settings

The Popover Embed is designed to load over the top of the page it has been embedded on. The first configuration option a brand has is to define whether or not the Embed should load in either it's minimised or maximised state.


Load Popover in expanded mode


Load Popover in minimised mode

Popup Position Settings

The next set of configuration options for the Popover Embeds is to define whether it should load on either the left or right hand side of the screen, and how many pixels it should be from both the base of the screen and the side of the screen.


Align the Popover Embed to the Left


Align the Popover Embed to the Right


Define Popover position on the X axis


Define Popover position on the Y axis

Popup Display Settings

Brands are provided a series of configuration options for each Embed type, allowing them to optimise the appearance and functionality of the Embed to best suit their preferences.

The Popover Embed offers the following Configuration options:

Show Customer Name

Display Customer Name

Show Customer Logo

Display Company Logo + Name

Show Captions

Display Transcription Captions

Show Playback Controls

Display Play / Pause and Next / Previous

Primary Color

Background Color for Embed Tile

Secondary Color

Text Color for Embed Tile

Playback Mode

The Playback Mode configuration options allow for a brand to define whether they wish to display Questions on the respective Embed or not.

The two available options on the Popover Embed are:


Auto Play the Video


Define what questions to show

Questions & Answers

Show Questions before video response

Questions Only

Hide Questions before video response

Embedding on your Website

Once you have finished configuring the Embed within the Editor, the only remaining step in the process is to add the Embed to your website. Vouch offers two ways to embed your Vouch Embed. These are:

  • iFrame Embed

  • Standard Embed

The Standard Embed is the recommended approach for clients as it will natively render your play on the page which you have added it. The iFrame Embed is designed for implementations within other applications or on websites that do not support Javascript.

The iFrame Embed link can also be used on any service which support oEmbed.

For more specific guides on how to add the Vouch Embed to you website, click on one of the guides below:

For more specific guides on how to add the Vouch Embed to a specific application, click on one of the guides below:

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