If you're using an application to send a campaign link to a contact, or a mailing list of contacts, and you know the name and email address if the recipients; you can use URL query parameters to start collecting responses with a single click.

A Campaign link supports the following query parameters:

  • email: the email address of the responder

  • name: the name of the responder

  • company: the company where the responder works (optional)

  • url: the URL for the companies website (optional)

The URL for a campaign looks like this:


You can share it just like it appears above if you like, it's a link people can follow and enter their own details. You can post the link as it appears above, or you can use a link so it appears as underlined text as below.

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If you'd like to use query parameters to make it easier for people to respond to your campaign, the parameters are added to the end of the campaign link.


When displayed like this the URL looks pretty ugly, hide it behind a link or a button to make it look nicer.

Please click this link to Vouch for us!!

All of the links used in this article are active. You can click on them to compare the user experience when query parameters are present or absent.

note: The values assigned to the query parameters must be URL encoded. Most applications will hand the encoding for you, if the tool you are using doesn't you will need to handle it within your application.

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