A Vouch is a one-to-one request for video content.

  1. The request can be sent from Vouch using the send request button, or shared externally by publishing and copying the link.

  2. The customer and contact are saved in Vouch before the request is sent.

A Campaign is a one-to-many request that is shared with an audience via a link.

  1. The request link is shared outside of Vouch, methods include;

    1. sending an email to a mailing list

    2. a marketing email, sent through HubSpot, MailChimp (or similar)

    3. triggered from an event in your CRM

    4. a post on Slack or social media channel

  2. The customer and contact are saved in Vouch when the response begins.

  3. The campaign is open to anyone with the link, you do not need to provision a contact list before sending a campaign.

  4. Query parameters can be used with the campaign link to pre-populate all fields.

note: if Vouch can find a contact matching the email address entered at the first step of a Campaign response, the second screen requesting the name and company details is not displayed.

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