What to ask your customers

Good answers come from great questions. Here are some examples to get you started.

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We recommend picking a set of questions from the topics below to encourage the most varied and balanced answers back from your customers.

Our suggestion for optimal video length is choosing 4-5 questions across a mixture of categories below.

Product / Implementation Team

How quickly were you able to get [Product] up and running and seeing results?

How does [Product] improve your life at [Company]?

What made us stand out from other options?

How was the implementation and onboarding process with [Product]?

What would you say to a colleague thinking about purchasing [Product]?

Were you reluctant to buy [Product] at any stage? If so, why?

How would you suggest we could have done better?

What specific features sold you on buying [Product]?

Explain the benefits that you get from using our product?

What kept you from working with [Product] sooner?

Do you think our products/services are priced appropriately?

How often do you use our product/service?

Was our product intuitive and easy to use?

What does [Product] do for you?

Would you find [new feature] useful?

If we introduced [Product] would you be willing to test it?

How much money do you think you saved using [Product]?


What was most frustrating about your role before you started using [Product]?

What is the most painful challenge that [Product] solves for you and the team?

Why did you make the switch to [Product] from the old way of doing things?

What problem were you trying to solve with [Product]?

What was life like before you had our product?

Are you still getting the same results?

Did the price of our [Product] cause you to leave?

What results did you get from our product?

How could we make it easier to resolve your questions or concerns?

What was the problem you were hoping to solve?

Tell us about the problem or difficulties you were having that made you want to seek out [Product]?


How was [Product] impacted your role? What results have you seen?

What use cases are you using [Product] for?

What results or tangible ROI have you seen since implementing [Product]? Please be as specific as possible :)

How has your situation improved?

During your experience, what was the thing you enjoyed the most or benefitted the most from?

How has your problem or challenge been solved?

Compare and contrast the situation before and after you purchased this product?

How the company helped you reach your goals?


Did you use a competitor before us? What made you move to [Product]?

Did you look at any other products before purchasing [Product]? If so which ones?

What was it about [Product] that influenced you to choose us over other options?

Compared to the market, is the quality of [Product] services better, worse or about the same?

Customer Success & Account Management

How has our Customer Success team helped you with the implementation of [Product]?

How easy or difficult was it for your question or problem to be resolved?

How was your experience interacting with our team?

Were your expectations met, unmet, or exceeded?

How long have you used [Product] and what makes you continue to use us?

How has our product/service made an impact on you/your business/your lifestyle?

Is there a story you can tell us about a recent time where using [Product] that made you look great at work?

What about using [Product] surprised you the most?

What made you happiest about working with us?

What made you the happiest about buying our product or service?

Other & Miscellaneous

Anything else you would like to add that we didn't ask you about today?

If your best friend wasn't sure about buying [Product], what would you say to bring them on board!?

Has anything exceeded your expectations since working with us? If so, could you elaborate?

What would you tell someone who is considering buying [Product]?

What would you tell your friends or colleagues about us?

Which Emoji describes the way you feel about [Product]?

If [Product] disappeared today, what would you do without us?

Pick three words that describe [Product] and why?

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